Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tumblring down the rabbit hole;

Salut again mon chérie!

Lately, my newest online hangout has been tumblr. I love that people find such beautiful, inspiring things and share them with everyone. Not always are they pictures or quotes they have made, but as long as a link back is made it's respectable.

Some recent favourites of mine:

(via. The Unicorn Imporium)

(via. kio-o)

Of course, after finding all these lovely photographs I have to explore the flickr account they have come from and then it just gets fantastically out of hand from there.

I suggest that if you're a lover of scrapbooks or would like to promote your own photography, art, or even polyvore sets - get a tumblr. ♥

Some of my favourites to introduce you to the world of tumblr:
.brightredlemons *a friends artspot. Wonderous art!
I have tons more I follow, but it's fun to explore to. I recently found a tumblupon feature that, when one is bored as I have been on my stay~cation, you can find new tumblrs to explore.
Happy Tumblring

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